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The goal of the Cellular Plasticity area is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in chronic diseases such as autoimmune diabetes and cancer in order to characterize, develop and isolate the best stem cell model to tackle both pathologies.

The area covers diverse approaches for reaching this goal. Regarding autoimmune diabetes, we are focused in developing novel and safe strategies to prevent, ameliorate and/or cure autoimmune diabetes. In cancer, we are focused on reaching a better understanding of cancer stem cell (CSC) behavior as well as transcriptional networks of core stemness factors necessary for cancer development in order to find alternative targets to treat tumors.

In order to achieve these goals a variety of experimental approaches are used: in vivo and in vitro genetic manipulation, phenotyping, stable gene transfer in cell culture systems, genome silencing with viral vectors, stem cells differentiation, cell invasion and migration assay, xenograft assay, gene expression analysis, bioinformatics and proteomics.